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Payments Rails

Enable New age payment use cases via Card issuance and Management by empowering businesses with payment decisioning and transaction control

Data Rails

Seamless realtime data access with reconciliation keeping stakeholders updated all the time every time without manual intervention
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Get started with Dashboard or
Open API

Use our dashboard or yours and integrate our APIs to issue payments and reconcile usage data in frictionless, secure manner for FREE. Our next generation super fast payment rails will help you creating card based programs your business needs on the go. We make money when your happy partners does transaction via card issued by you

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Fintech quotient of every industry!! GLOBALLY.

Use cases that range from Fintech to traditional businesses. From predominant cash system to largely digitalised systems. We have solutions ready for every such use case.

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Developer first

With our Open API we have converted complex Payment issuance process to a few lines of code. Obviously, these are Simple REST Based to make it language agnostic :).

And if you are still feeling lost, our tech expert are here to help you. Give us a shout using the contact form below.

We are offering it all for FREE. We are launching our sandbox in another month. Would love to hear your feedback on that.