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Our financial technology solutions cater to the demands of the following industries and use-cases.



At CARD91, we leverage our extensive expertise in card issuance and management to deliver exceptional security, reliability, and efficiency in card services. Our state-of-the-art systems and streamlined processes enable us to swiftly and seamlessly issue personalized cards to customers, empowering them with convenient payment options and elevating their overall banking experience.
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Fintechs  / NBFCs

We specialize in empowering fintechs and neobanks to meet the unique needs of their digital-native customers. Our advanced systems and agile processes enable fintechs and neobanks to offer a wide range of digital-native services, including account opening, seamless onboarding, frictionless transactions, and personalized financial management tools. By leveraging our technology solutions, these institutions can create intuitive and user-friendly interfaces that resonate with their tech-savvy customers.

Corporates / SMEs

As a trusted technology service provider, CARD91 empowers both Corporates and SMEs to effortlessly manage a wide range of cards, including credit, debit, prepaid, and gift cards. Our robust platform ensures secure transactions, personalized features, and real-time monitoring, giving Corporates / SMEs complete control over their card programs. Streamline payment processes, enhance customer experiences, and drive revenue growth with our comprehensive card management system. 

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Other Use-cases

Expense Management

Our expense management solution through PPI is designed to simplify and streamline employee benefit cards and business-related expenses. With our platform, organizations can efficiently manage a range of expense categories, including food/meal cards, petrol and driver salary expenses, travel expenses, incentives, and rewards.

Family Use-cases

With our fungible card balances, the whole family can easily share and track funds from a single card. Our add-on cards allow each family member to have their own card linked to the main account, enabling seamless pocket money distribution and expense management.