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Credit Card Issuance, REDEFINED


Effortlessly create, launch and manage credit products

Key Features

Customized Card Programs

Enables issuers to design credit card programs, tailoring features to suit the needs of diverse target segments. 
Customize card

Drive Higher Usage Through Differential APR

Assign differential Interest Rates by spend category like Pharmacy, School Fee, Grocery to increase usage.

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Our platform ensures robust adherence to regulatory standards, empowering a trustworthy Credit Card Management System.

Manage Custom Flows

Issuers can effortlessly design workflows from Role Based Access Controls, Approval Queues to align with their operations

Drive Loyalty Through Rewards

Foster stronger connections and drive loyalty by offering customized rewards.

Design Event-based Card Lifecycle Journey

Our event-based architecture gives you the flexibility to design the workflow of your credit card lifecycle in an intuitive fashion that your product managers are going to love.

Featuring our comprehensive credit card management modules that enable enhanced control and convenience:

Card Program Set-up

Card Management Controls

BIN Management

Rule-based Configurations

Rewards Management

Transaction Processing

ACS for 3DS

Corporate Card Management

Recon & Settlement

Co-branding Partner Management

Portfolio Actions

Risk Management

Fast-track the rollout of your credit card issuance, from idea to market with CARD91


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Our Offerings


  • A credit builder product to help new-to-card customers built credit responsibly.
  • Easily integrates with your Collateral Management service
  • Graduate customers from secured to unsecured based on usage and repayment behavior


  • Underwrite customers based on their risk-profile derived from bureau data
  • Manage end-to-end journey from onboarding, underwriting, issuance, card management to delinquency & collection services
Easily Integrate

Easily Integrate

Collection Service

Collection Service

Card Issuance

Card Issuance

End-to-end Journey

End-to-end Journey

Secured to unsecured

Control Spending

Control Spending


Cash Flow

Cash Flow

Scan & pay

Scan & pay

Expense Management

Expense Management


  • Controlled employee spending, improved cash flow and efficient expense management
  • Issue Virtual Cards instantly to members of your business team ensuring safety and security

Credit Card on UPI

  • Empower your customer to just scan and pay merchants
  • Offer the benefit of unmatched merchant acceptance with the power of UPI